PILOT: Sergio Mirallas

Sergio Mirallas is an absolute passion of Trial 4x4 and the American Rock Crawling that self-taught and with much effort has achieved since its inception placed among the national top to get after 15 years the highest award in the entire continent Trial 4x4 , to be European Champion in the premier category as well as being the first European to win the title in a single-seater vehicle.

Among his greatest achievements it is also worth noting that he is the first European in history to participate in the Supercrawl Rock Crawling World Championship or Rock Crawling World Championship in the US, placing himself directly in the top 10 in the world with an 8th place.

Tenacity has always been his strength and his greatest pride is the recognition of his worth by the greatest of this specialty around the world.

COPILOTO: Mayte Álvarez

After several co-drivers, Mayte Álvarez has been the unconditional companion of adventures and the fundamental pillar of the team throughout the career of Sergio Mirallas. Although his main functions in the team have been of all kinds, he has also been able to demonstrate his great skill at the wheel and in his curriculum we can highlight:

  • 22nd Place European Championship Trial 4x4 2009 Germany and first Spanish participant in this event.
  • Runner-up drivers 2012 Previous European Championship.
  • Between 2012 and 2016 he was the official co-pilot of Sergio Mirallas, obtaining the same results but in the co-driver category.

  • Member of the International Committee of the European 4x4 Trial Championship.
  • National Selection of Trial 4x4 for Eurotrial.
  • Race Director Trial 4x4 Fighters Spain.
  • Vice President CD Hommer Team Competition.

Jorge García

Jorge García is the most experienced co-driver in the team, winning a large number of wins along with Sergio. In addition to being an excellent Trial 4x4 co-driver, Jorge is a great personal friend of the team and has been present throughout the history of competition, always adding to obtain some of the greatest achievements of the team, both as co-pilot and in strategy work.

Francisco Domínguez

The Asturian Francisco Domínguez alias "Pakiver", is another 4x4 addict who was co-driver of Sergio Mirallas in the 2006 season, with a meritorious 3rd place in the Spanish championship in the category of prototypes and also another 3rd place in the Cantabrian Championship.

Javier Biurrun

Javier Biurrun was the first co-driver of the team in 2005, great person with which he achieved an excellent 3rd place in the Spanish Championship in our first participation and also managed to win the Cantabrian Championship Trial 4x4 in the first year of competitions official