Our driving courses are aimed at new and experienced people who want to start or improve their knowledge in safe driving in 4x4 in a consistent and with the greatest safety, for users and vehicle mechanics.

Our teaching line is based on our students learn from the mechanical principles that affect the off-road driving, to the rescue and self-rescue of vehicles, through the driving techniques that allow to face steps safely for both occupants and mechanics.


  1. Discover, assimilate or improve the techniques of off-road driving.
  2. Train yourself to face, in a safe way, the difficulties involved in driving off-road.
  3. Being able to carry out both a self-rescue and a rescue to third parties safely and without causing damage to vehicles or people.


There are many off-road users with little or no training, who are unaware of the capabilities of their vehicle and what it is capable of doing without endangering the integrity of the occupants. Our group courses allow students to discover the differences between some vehicles and others as well as the correct way to face the steps, then make them with their own vehicles, which we will analyze thoroughly (dimensions, traction systems, etc.) so that Everyone completes the course with a better knowledge about the capabilities of their vehicles as well as those of the driver himself.

The theoretical part of the 4x4 Safe Driving Technique Courses can be carried out both in our facilities and in the corresponding facilities by prior agreement.

The practical part of the 4x4 Safe Driving Technique Courses is taught as a general rule in the permanent facilities of the Hommer Team 4x4 CD circuit (León), in an unbeatable setting for the practice of different terrains, with a sliding track and always with specialized instructors, being able to perform in other places according to needs.