Our sporting career began in 2002 16 years ago, always in the field of Trial 4x4 and Extreme Trial (Rock Crawling). We have always been a humble team in media but with more than remarkable results, always in ascension.

Our beginnings ran in trials of 4x4 amateur with a Suzuki Samurai that after some good results in regional championships, a very young Sergio Mirallas with some welding courses, was evolving it little by little until its definitive transformation to participate in the Championship of Spain, which It was a great revolution for the Trial 4x4 in this country.

In this vehicle all the ideas and knowledge acquired during a decade were captured. Again we get a super revolutionary prototype that has given excellent results until in 2017, after winning the European Championship, the decision is made to renew it completely to continue at the highest level in the face of the new evolutions of the competition.

During our race we have participated in hundreds of competitions and we can confirm that we have risen to the podium more than 100 times, something that few teams worldwide can certify.

Today we are in full power to take on the most important competitions in the world, yes, doing all the work exclusively two people, Mayte Alvarez as Team Leader Spain, also doing the work of assistance and administration, and Sergio Mirallas as builder, mechanic, driver, resources, marketing, assistance, community manager and also, team driver.

In the most immediate term, our team will focus as much on the organization of the European Trial Championship 4x4 Eurotrial Spain 2018, as on the Trial 4x4 Fighters Spain 2018, as well as on the participation of the team in both events.

After this the Team will make an indefinite break in terms of organization to focus exclusively on competitions throughout Europe and possibly in the US.